How commercial flooring providers are turning green


Flooring trends of today

The global flooring market was worth around $293 billion in 2020, with waterproof flooring being the most popular commercial flooring after hardwood flooring. In the same year, the UK flooring sector was worth an estimated £1.4 billion, owing in part to the recent industrial sector’s growth, plus the rise of commercial centre constructions, combining to contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

The most common flooring choices were soft coverings and resilient flooring, including vinyl flooring. Residential and commercial flooring products accounted for the most trade in the flooring market. Factors supporting the market demand for flooring included an increase in refurbishments, renovations and ongoing do-it-yourself (DIY) trends. 

How eco-friendly flooring is trending in the commercial market

Commercial floor providers are increasingly turning to environmentally friendly practices and are addressing the impact that flooring products and manufacturing methods have. In part this transition has been quickened by consumers increasing awareness and demand for environmentally sustainable products.  

Eco-Friendly, green, or recycled flooring is made from recycled materials such as plastics and fibers. The use of these recycled materials has an immediate impact on how much waste goes to landfill, reducing the carbon footprint and, by extent, global warming.

Recognizing the needs of the modern consumer,  commercial floor providers act on feedback from customers, contractors, local authorities, distributors, social media reviews and market research trends to evolve how they operate.

One such example is eco-friendly vinyl flooring, an extremely cost-effective, eco-friendly, commercial kitchen flooring solution that’s ergonomic, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.Commercial flooring provider Eco-Grip is one such flooring expert that has designed and engineered a 98% recycled, eco-friendly commercial vinyl flooring solution, formed from recycled polyvinyls. As a result, savvy consumers can now purchase a high performance, budget-friendly and eco-friendly flooring solution with cutting-edge technology, knowing that they are doing their part for the environment.


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