The Importance of Safe Flooring in the Workplace


The majority of industrial accidents originate from either negligence, or non-compliance. Training and procedure are vitally important, but can only go so far. Sadly accidents can (and often do) still occur. As businesses and institutions, we have the responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all those who work for us. Alongside education, we must ensure that the practical decisions we make help to reinforce our safety strategies.

Industrial workplaces are often fast-paced, high traffic environments, prone to being at high risk of accidents occurring. The choice of flooring is a vital one, it must be durable, offer high levels of grip, and not be prone to degradation. Tile and concrete have traditionally been used in such environments, neither however perform well with spillages and the rigours of day-to-day wear and tear. As time goes by, their appearance and performance diminishes ever more.

Industrial vinyl flooring offers distinct benefits over tile and concrete flooring. Vinyl flooring features a  smooth service, reducing the likelihood of trips and falls. If it has been carefully prepared and installed, It can be a durable option. Industrial vinyl flooring is more appealing than concrete, and is generally a more pleasant surface to walk on. It is also available in many different colours and patterns.

Vinyl flooring features impact resistant properties and is not easily damaged by heavy weights and high use. Vinyl flooring is non-porous, repelling surface stains, and it’s easy to clean with vinyl floor cleaning liquids, and it’s resistant to chemicals. Vinyl flooring is cheaper than many other commercial flooring solutions, and it is easy to install. It is a very durable material with a lifespan of perhaps 15, or even 20 years. With low maintenance costs, It can be easily removed, recycled and then reused. Eco Grip is the ultimate solution to industrial flooring. Eco Grip features a unique formula, that’s both durable, and strong enough to take significant impacts. The unique combination of PET fibre and PVC provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly flooring solution, that is non-permeable, resistant to chemicals, and easy to clean and maintain. Trusted by industries far and wide, the Eco Grip flooring solution is the top choice when it comes to reliable, safe flooring that’s perfectly suited to industry.


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