Safety flooring

Opting for a non-toxic flooring solution is very important in industrial, manufacturing and warehouse environments employee safety is a major concern. 

According to recent data, the majority of vinyl flooring products made from reprocessed plastic contained harmful phthalates, lead, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals can become airborne as flooring slowly wears down and degrades.

For industrial settings, attractive, durable, hygienic and economic are all qualities to look for in your new flooring. Flooring should be resilient to everyday use and able to resist moisture, bacteria, food waste, damage from heavy industrial equipment and daily cleaning. In order to prevent contamination, facilities need to have flooring that can be cleaned easily and quickly. This is exactly why, after years of research and extensive testing, we have designed and developed an eco-friendly safety flooring solution that’s perfect for industrial and commercial environments. 

  • Our seamless vinyl safety flooring eliminates the weakness of tile grouting, which can be a home to bacteria.
  • Eco-Grip’s slip-resistant vinyl safety flooring ensures under foot gripping, even when wet. Slips, trips and falls are unfortunately regular accidents in the workplace, so any measure that can be taken to reduce such incidents is a very wise investment.
  • Protection from Bacteria. Eco-Grip Safety Runners prevent liquids such as fats, acids, blood and oils from seeping into porous concrete, thereby preventing a breeding ground for mold and microbes.
  • Eco-Grip safety flooring is the ideal choice for high-impact applications. It can also withstand high temperature fluctuations.
  • Durability. Eco-Grip’s resilient flooring can withstand the impacts and punctures commonly associated with heavy use.
  • Eco-Grip is a flexible, anti-fatigue flooring solution, protecting your employee’s feet, legs and lower back. It provides underfoot comfort and reduces fatigue.
  • Eco-Grip commercial safety flooring is reinforced with short-staple PET fibers. As a result it can withstand heavy use and can bear weight without cracking or chipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog’s nails cannot easily scratch our safety flooring. Eco-Grip is both puncture and impact resistant, making it worry-free for pets.
Yes, it is okay to set heavy appliances on safety vinyl flooring.
No, you don’t need a protector for your rolling desk chair. Our flooring is impact resistant, so no worries about leaving any marks or lines on the floor.
Yes, you may use vinyl safety flooring for your basement. It is resilient enough to withstand extreme temperatures and is even suitable for moisture-prone areas.
Yes, Eco-Grip may be used for both interior and exterior applications. Eco-Grip Outdoor Grill Mats are a commercial-grade addition to your outdoor grill set-up.
Vinyl floors are easy to clean and resistant to grease, animal fats, cooking oils, chemicals, odors, stains and extreme weather.
Eco-Grip can be used as commercial safety flooring in restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and commercial kitchens. It is often used in the food service industry but is also highly suitable for warehouses and leisure facilities.

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