A Flooring Solution Guaranteed to Last

You should never have to compromise on grip when it comes to new flooring, and this is where the benefits of slip-resistant flooring really matters. Laminate and high gloss floor tiles don’t provide adequate grip, which means employees, staff and family members are at a greater risk of trips and falls. Dogs may even refuse to walk on such flooring as they inherently sense the danger. But fear not, Eco-Grip has created pet crate mats specifically for areas of pet traffic. And for the rest of us? – Eco-Grip has created a slip-resistant vinyl floor solution that provides enhanced grip for industrial facilities, offices and the home. Non-slip vinyl flooring is extremely practical, being both waterproof and very easy to clean. Non-slip waterproof flooring is commonly used in high-traffic areas and for areas where there is an increased risk of water accumulation. Heavy use and moisture can mean that standard flooring quickly accumulates grime, making daily cleaning a real hassle.

In the workplace, whatever you do it is critical to have a flooring solution that is both safe and long-lasting. Here are two examples of applications where non-slip vinyl flooring is beneficial. We’re convinced you’ll agree with the benefits of anti-slip flooring.

Healthcare Industry: Polished tiles are often found in healthcare environments, but smooth tiles can quickly become slippery when wet. Choosing a flooring solution that is slip-resistant, durable and easy to maintain can be hugely beneficial for such facilities. 

Retail Industry: When it comes to retail, flooring must be slip-resistant, and it must also be able to withstand heavy usage and offer a long lifespan. A slippery floor in a retail environment can lead to inefficiency and injury. Eco-Grip’s range of anti-slip floors benefit employee’s feet, legs and lower back due to its built-in cushioning.

Eco-Grip’s flooring solutions are extremely cost effective, are easy to install and will last for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

In food and drink manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens, where liquids such as fats, acids, blood and oils can be found. Such areas pose a real threat of trips and falls if inadequate flooring is not installed.
Yes, Eco-Grip manufactures completely waterproof safety vinyl flooring, mats and safety. This means our flooring is easy to clean and your subfloor remains protected.
Combine Eco-Grip’s safety runners and Eco-Grip flooring in commercial kitchens and utility rooms to maintain safe and sanitary working environments. You should consider the benefits of installing Eco-Grip’s weatherproof outdoor mats for wet rooms and locker areas.
We recommend using a scrubber-drier machine for deep cleaning and a rag mop that has been heavily soaked for regular day-to-day cleaning of our anti-slip flooring. For stubborn areas, you may scrub by hand with a sponge or scrubbing brush.
Slip-resistant flooring can be used for many varied applications, including healthcare, education, industry, housing, retirement homes, offices, restaurants and hotels.
Non-slip flooring is highly suited for use in the food service industry and in warehouses that store liquids, alongside facilities such as gyms. Non-slip waterproof flooring can also be suitable for retired living housing and assisted living facilities.