Restaurant kitchen flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring gets put to the test every day – with high temperatures, humidity, liquids and frequent impacts. And the high demands of restaurant kitchen flooring doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for food service flooring, here are some criteria that you should consider:

  • Safety — a prime concern, you’ll need a slip-resistant surface that prevents indents such as trips and falls.
  • Hygiene factor— Another significant requirement is hygiene. Flooring must be easy to clean, without requiring the daily application of harsh cleaning agents.
  • Advanced bacterial resistance — You will need a material with advanced properties, one that can withstand harsh chemicals and animal fats and that also prevents microbial growth.
  • Anti-fatigue — Flooring that’s comfortable and impact resistant for staff is important as they spend a great deal of time on their feet.

Which flooring solutions meet all the above criteria? – Two very popular and widely used flooring solutions are restaurant kitchen floor tiles and PVC flooring. Commercial vinyl flooring (PVC flooring) is widely utilized in commercial kitchens due to its many features and benefits. It’s highly resilient, being made of short-staple fibers and a unique polyvinyl that provides maximum durability.

Vinyl flooring is by far the most economical option for the commercial kitchen environment, while offering these additional advantages:

  • Restaurant kitchen flooring, when in the form of a vinyl sheet, greatly reduces the number of seams, providing much easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Vinyl flooring transfers the properties of its subfloor, meaning that when it is installed on top of a soft subfloor it is very comfortable for kitchen staff to walk on.
  • It is invaluable to be slip-resistant, keeping staff while working on restaurant kitchen flooring.

Attractive, durable, and sanitary – Eco-Grip delivers the perfect solution for restaurant kitchen flooring and food service flooring. With Eco-Grips’ seamless design you can say goodbye to hard-to-clean grout lines and crevices that harbor bacteria. Specifically designed safety runners and mats offer superior heat and impact resistance, while also complying with all food safety standards. Eco-Grip’s product range can also be customized to complement your kitchen décor. 

With Eco-Grip you can enjoy superior performance, comfort, durability, simple maintenance and enhanced durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best choice for restaurant kitchen flooring is specially designed safety flooring that is resilient, waterproof and hygienic.
Commercial restaurant kitchen flooring should be durable, safe and resistant to water and extreme heat.
The best product for kitchen flooring under fryers is Eco-Grip’s Outdoor Grill Mat. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, Eco-Grip Outdoor Grill Mats are fire resistant while repelling oil and grease.
Yes, Eco-Grip’s Waterproof Safety runners and PVC flooring is well suited for wet areas. Our outdoor weatherproof mats also keep areas dry.
Food service flooring should be both fire-retardant and waterproof. Eco-Grip has a range of high-performance flooring for the restaurant kitchen that is both fire-retardant and waterproof.