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We are a close-knit group of talented and driven individuals fueled by making a top of the line flooring solution not only the norm, but accessible to all.

Joel Martin – CEO

When you give a Salesman a Chemistry Set.

In 1994, Joel already had years of sales experience in the commercial flooring industry. He thought he’d seen it all until he stepped foot in the kitchen of a major chain restaurant. The floors were chipped, cracked, and to this day he still remembers the smell!

He was inspired to find a solution. After only a few months he became very aware that the current flooring options were already failing, given the many challenges of maintaining a commercial kitchen floor.

After exhausting the current market, Joel decided to take the best pieces of the flooring industry and create the ultimate flooring solution.

In 2008, with a little research and a whole bunch of chemistry, Joel and Co-Founder Rich Neale cracked the code and Eco-Grip flooring was born.

Since its debut, Eco-Grip flooring has been actively disrupting the industry. Forcing competitors to take a hard look at the quality of flooring they are bringing to the table. The Eco-Grip flooring system has been installed in thousands of locations worldwide.

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Trusted by some of the top brands in the business.


We went with Eco-Grip and I’m sure glad we did. The install was flawless and the floor is holding up very well. I would highly recommend this product and company


Randy Negi, General & Managing Partner- Bridges & the Vine

Danville Brewing Company  |  Danville, CA




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