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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am looking for an alternative to quarry tile, but not sure Eco-Grip will fit into my budget. What is the price range of your product?

A: For new construction $11-$12 per square foot is a good budgetary number. When comparing to tile remember with Eco-Grip you will not have the cost of labor and materials for installing a waterproofing membrane, cementicious wall board, portland mud set, or the continual maintenance of re-grouting. If you have an existing location with flooring issues, we can repair those failed areas and install directly over the remaining floor. This price will vary due to the amount of prep work required, but these installations are performed during off hours to avoid any loss of revenue during the floor installation.

Q: Your product sounds great, but what are the potential issues I need to be concerned with?

A: Having a consistent cleaning process is critical to maintaining the quality of any type of floor. You want to make sure that you are using the correct products and cleaning procedures to eliminate the accumulation of oil and grease. When these types of containments are allowed to build up they will affect the performance of the flooring.

Q: We have an historical building WHERE we need to have the floor replaced. Can you install over gypcrete?

A: Eco-Grip can be installed over virtually any type of substrate as long as it is sound and not holding water. With a gypcrete substrate, we would use a special one-part waterproof mastic instead of our standard two-part epoxy. Eco-Grip is routinely installed over plywood, concrete, hardwood, brick pavers and metal.

Q: Our kitchen is on the second floor and we are having water leaks into our lower level dining room. Would installing Eco-Grip resolve this issue? 

A: Eco-Grip utilizes a flash cove baseboard that folds up the walls to eliminate the normal moisture related failure point of where the floor meets the baseboard. Once the Eco-Grip flooring system is installed you will have a complete waterproof environment.

Q: My epoxy floor was installed years ago and I have been putting off replacing it. What type of prep work is needed before you can install Eco-Grip? 

A: We will scrape any of the loose areas of the epoxy that are pealing up, grind the surface of the floor, and finally skim coat areas as needed. Once this process is completed we will degrease the floor and install your new Eco-Grip floor.