Flooring can be easy to overlook, most of the time it just does its job and we don’t give it a second thought, however, this complacency has the potential to become a real safety concern. Spills and surface damage can cause accidents in the workplace, and specifically installed Safety flooring is definitely worth looking into.

Safety and compliance are words often attributed to working environments, and businesses need to ensure that flooring is periodically assessed for wear, tear and potential hazards. A list of desirable properties for safe flooring includes; anti-slip properties, durability, easy installation and straightforward maintenance.

Hospitals and health care centres, industrial production units, pharmaceutical units, educational institutions, residential homes, and commercial kitchens, are all environments that need to pay particular attention to safe flooring concerns. Spillages should not result in chemical reactions, contamination or degradation of flooring, and should be impermeable to liquids. There are further situations that require flooring to withstand high temperatures and the pressure of heavy loads.

Deciding which type of flooring to use will depend upon which of the above considerations are the most critical. In areas that are predominantly used for foot traffic, vinyl or resin flooring can be suitable, due to its anti-skid properties and how easy it is to clean. It is often found in hallways and corridors of large establishments such as educational institutes, hospitals and health care centres etc.

The choice of commercial kitchen flooring is one that needs to be made with a particular thought. Commercial kitchens are busy places, with staff spending many hours on their feet. The likelihood of accidents occurring due to slips and spillages are higher than they might be in other workplaces, therefore the flooring solution needs to prevent slippages as much as possible, whilst at the same time being easy to clean up spills. In the case of tiling, moving equipment around and dropping kitchen implements has the potential to chip and damage tiles. Eco Grip is the best overall choice when it comes to safety flooring, providing all the best qualities necessary for a safe working environment. Constructed from PET fibre and polyvinyl, Eco Grip is durable, slip-resistant, inhibits microbial growth, is puncture-proof and waterproof. With an ever-growing number of very satisfied customers, Americans are choosing Eco Grip as the smartest, most cost-effective flooring solution that is both safe and eco friendly.


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